Recruitment & Selection


Chasseur de tête – l’art de dénicher les talents cachés

As a Human Solutions Partner, Proselect takes charge of your recruitment and selection missions in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Public
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering/Industry
  • Logistics
  • Legal & tax
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Retail
  • Biotech
  • etc.

Proselect supports you searching for qualified profiles, from technical or administrative staff to managerial and executive positions.


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Our process is efficient, and we adapt to your timing requirements.

Through a proven methodology and strict ethics, Proselect defines its Recruitment and Selection process in four key steps:

Recruitment Selection


Chasseur de tête – la recherche des perles rares

To assist you efficiently, our consultants first carry out an acculturation analysis with your company (type of profiles, entrepreneurial spirit, competition, leadership, missing profiles, employer branding, etc.).

Together, we co-construct your request and your positioning. This step also allows us to better feel the working environment, learn about the organisation chart, the values that are dear to you, your corporate culture, etc., and your expectations and wishes for working with our teams.

Tailor-made recruitment

Chasseur de tête – la recherche des perles rares

Once the profile(s) have been refined, we implement:

  • An attractive “employer branding” approach based on the profiles to attract
  • Strong positioning on job boards, coupled with an optimal Proselect referencing that we cultivate daily (push)
  • Communication to our internal candidate reserve DB (push)
  • Specialised press inserts in case of need (on quote)
  • Data mining: cross-referencing of database and social networks to identify the top candidates in a “Head hunter” approach (pull)
  • Our ability to select THE right CV among the results


Chasseur de tête – la recherche des perles rares

A registered recruitment firm in the Wallonia, Brussels and Flemish regions, and a member of the “Federgon Search & Selection”, Proselect conducts a comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s professional skills, motivation and ambitions, and ensures a thorough reference check of the candidate.

The candidate is audited according to several cross-section tests, including:

  • A personality test (suitability for the position and the corporate culture)
  • A motivational test
  • An oral and written knowledge assessment (languages, IT, spelling, etc.)
  • etc.

Proselect is a partner of Cebir, Central Test and Thomas International.

We provide you with a clear and effective written report of the selection interview. If you wish, we also offer you support during the final selection and/or the presence of your consultant during the interview with the candidate at your premises.

Thomas  Central Test  Cebir

Personalised follow-up

Chasseur de tête – la recherche des perles rares

When the recruitment and selection processes have been successfully completed, and your expectations met, we ensure regular follow-up during the first few months. Towards you and the candidate.

As an HR partner, we are also listening about the long-term: training, personalised coaching and skills assessments are all tools to take care of and develop your teams.

Our best assets:

  • A young, dynamic and experienced team listening to your needs
  • Speed and responsiveness
  • A guarantee applied to each of the profiles recruited
  • Effective tools (distribution channels, database, psycho-technical tests, etc.)
  • A firm on a human scale
  • A privileged and regular contact with the consultant in charge of your file
  • Active listening from all parties: employers, candidates, “macro” HR trends

Each staff recruitment mission begins with a free, detailed interview to define the key elements of the search and the expectations of the mission.

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Staff selection

The best candidate doesn’t depend solely on their skills, availability, or suitability for your offer.

This is a matter of medium-term vision and the balance between the candidate’s expectations and what you can offer as a vision.

Sometimes it will be a question of team spirit, company personality, recognition, benevolence, etc., and the meaning of this common approach to engagement.

Other than the ‘trade’ skills, particular attention is paid to the personality of the candidate and the “soft skills” that he or she is demonstrating.

Extensive psycho-technical tests complement the programme to offer our customers the assurance of a solid recruit based on the pillars of:

  • Competency
  • Personality
  • Motivation
  • Aspiration

If necessary, a full assessment is carried out on request to evaluate the candidate’s profile in-depth and/or to make an informed choice between several candidates.

Each mission begins with a free, detailed interview to define the key elements of the selection and the mission’s expectations.

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