Nos services d’Outplacement

Outplacement – une réorientation professionnelle sur mesure

Also known as “professional reclassification“, outplacement is a set of guidance services and advice provided individually or in groups to enable a staff member to find themselves a job as quickly as possible with a new employer or develop a professional activity as a self-employed person.


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At Proselect, we put the Human at the centre of our entire approach.

That’s why we follow a tailor-made approach, listening to the person as a whole.

After an active listening phase, we define their goals together and their assets to achieve them.

This personalised coaching is similar to individual coaching in many aspects while mobilising skills assessment techniques.

The following outplacement services are organised by Proselect:

  • Brussels, Flanders, Wallonia
  • Supporting the person in French, Dutch or English
  • Legal outplacement: For any employer separating from a person under the general scheme, a particular scheme or for medical force majeure
  • Voluntary outplacement: For any employer separating from a person and wishing to support/facilitate their professional retraining

Each outplacement mission begins with a free, detailed interview to define the key elements of the mission.

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