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Automatician (H/F/X)

  1. Votre défi !

    Maintenance & Safety
    Get to know

    o   Prepare your work with the help of the maintenance files: you must identify precisely the type of PLC and the controlled equipment on which you are going to make adjustments or modifications
    o   Be aware of the interface used to communicate with the PLC (electronic box, laptop, connectors, etc.), the checks and adjustments to be made to the controlled devices (electrical measurements, checking clearances, state of wear parts, draining, etc.), and the procedures for restarting the system (tests on modified sub-assemblies, simulated operating tests with a laptop, etc.)
    o   Be aware of the health and safety instructions specific to the operation: ensure that the installation is consigned (electricity, compressed air, chemical products transported, etc.), use the protective equipment provided.

    Management of the maintenance activity

    o   Coaching the maintenance teams (technicians, supervisors or engineers depending on the organization of the structure) on compliance with maintenance procedures.
    o   Setting up and monitoring indicators relating to the department’s activity (technical management chart, financial reporting, etc.).
    o   Monitor the implementation of investments in relation to the budget (CAPEX).
    o   Maintaining good relationship with other departments and social partners to guarantee the quality of the social climate.

    Check and diagnose

    o   Interrogate the PLC using the control panel and interpret the information collected
    o   Check the state and adjustment of the components when stopped (wear, deformation, cleanliness, etc.), but also when operating (noise, force exerted at the end of a cylinder’s stroke, torque delivered by the motorisation, etc.) using mechanical or electrical measuring instruments (calliper, oscilloscope, etc.)
    o   Define the operations to be carried out according to the results of the checks and the specifications in the documentation: simple cleaning (brushes of a motor), standard replacement of a sub-assembly (cylinder, clutch, etc.), reprogramming, etc.
    o   Understand the origin of malfunctions (parameter drift, untimely triggering of safety devices, overheating, etc.) and determine the actions to be taken to restore the system as soon as possible

    Refurbish / adjust

    o   Carry out planned maintenance tasks: basic cleaning, dusting, replacement of power supply batteries, etc.
    o   Adjust the parameters regulated by the PLCs according to the documentation specifications (clearances, amplitudes, safety triggers, etc.) and production requirements (pressure, rate, flow, etc.)
    o   In the event of a malfunction, when the faulty component is identified, the repair is generally carried out by the standard exchange of an assembly (electronic card, electrical box, motor, etc.), which can then be repaired in the workshop or sent to the manufacturer

    Check and report

    o   Ensure that the repaired or replaced sub-assembly is correctly reassembled and fulfils its function in the assembly to which it belongs, in particular through functional tests (real for mechanical parts, simulated for the electronic part), as specified in the documents and with the settings requested by production
    o   Fill in and sign technical intervention sheets which will make it possible to compile the equipment maintenance file and to trace all the modifications made, but also to ensure the replenishment of the spare parts used
    o   Fill in the CMMS (Computer Assisted Maintenance Management) if necessary

    Improvement / Prepare

    o   Your knowledge of the regulation mechanisms and malfunctions that affect the automatons will lead you to participate in the improvement of maintenance programs and procedures, but also to participate in a better design of this equipment:
    o   To reduce the risk of recurrence of failures whose origin has been determined
    o   To reduce repair times and improve machine availability
    o   Improve maintenance preparations in compliance with safety rules and by constantly seeking the operational optimum.
  2. Vos talents

    You are a specialized engineer
    • Minimum 5 years of professional experience related to a production industry in the field of maintenance/production·       
    • General or specialized engineer in the company’s field of activity (electronics, electricity, mechanics, automation, etc.)
    • Expertise in PLCs of different brands (Siemens, ABB, Yokogawa, …) or willingness to learn quickly the programming protocols
    • Skills in computerized data management and knowledge of SAP maintenance management software
    • Excellent level in statistics and mastery of the main spreadsheets (Excel, Access, etc.) supplemented by programming skills (Visual Basic, etc.)
    • Good knowledge of technical English
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