En cette période particulière, proselect met un point d’honneur à assurer le même niveau de service que d’habitude. Afin de privilégier la distanciation sociale et la solidarité humaine, nous privilégions le télétravail. Nos Développeurs de Carrières et nos Développeurs d’Opportunités Commerciales sont joignables sur leurs GSM ou leurs adresses mails et seront ravis de répondre à vos questions. Vous retrouverez leurs coordonnées sur notre page d’accueil et sur la page « offres d’emploi ».
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« The attention of the listener is to accompany the music of speech ». Joseph Joubert

Outplacement is a complete range of services and recommendations, on charge of the employer, for the employee, allowing the employee to find a new job as soon as possible or allowing him to develop his own self-employed business.

These services are provided by a career and talent management company. These accompany services can be organized individually or in group, and on demand and for the account of the employer.

We need to distinguish the outplacement voluntary offeredby the employer from the one obligatory by law.

Would you like to offer individual or group support to your personnel upon termination and allow them to maximise their chances for continuing their careers based on their skills and ambition?

With its knowledge of the economic network, labour market and social and personality coaching, proselect promotes long-term repositioning of candidates.
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