En cette période particulière, proselect met un point d’honneur à assurer le même niveau de service que d’habitude. Afin de privilégier la distanciation sociale et la solidarité humaine, nous privilégions le télétravail. Nos Développeurs de Carrières et nos Développeurs d’Opportunités Commerciales sont joignables sur leurs GSM ou leurs adresses mails et seront ravis de répondre à vos questions. Vous retrouverez leurs coordonnées sur notre page d’accueil et sur la page « offres d’emploi ».
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General conditions

1. The present contract/offer shall be concluded when proselect receives the signed acceptance of the contract offer, including the date and signature of the Client. Any confirmation of offer sent by email shall be considered to be confirmation of order, even if, by negligence, the Client omits to send the signed offer back to proselect. The prices indicated on the offer shall concern only the works or services detailed in this offer. Any modification made to the data of the offer shall be chargeable.

2. The person or company transmitting the order in writing or verbally shall be considered to be the Client and shall be responsible for payment of the invoice, even when the latter is to be drawn up in the name of a third party.

3. Derogation from the present conditions shall be valid only if it has been fixed in writing and approved by both parties, namely the service provider and the Client.

4. If an invoice remains unpaid for more than 30 days as from its due date, the amount remaining due shall, automatically and without notice, be increased by 15%, with a minimum of 100 Euros, by way of fixed-sum compensation for the increased administration and management charges caused by the delay in payment.

5. If the Client defers the payment of one or more invoices, we shall be authorised, without notice, to postpone any other execution as long as the invoices remain unpaid. This shall be valid even if the contract relating to the current work was drawn up after the invoice became payable. If, despite notice by recommended letter, the Client does not within one week settle the unpaid invoices, we shall be released from any other obligation. We reserve the right to claim compensation for breach of contract, which therefore occurs automatically following our warning and if the Client does not comply within the set time.

6. In the event of any dispute, only the Liège courts shall be competent. This provision of competence shall be valid also in the case of a payment by instalments.

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